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QUESTION 1What should be your first step when troubleshooting a network connection that uses a cable modem? A.    Ping the proxy server.B.    Ping the default gateway.C.    Ping local devices using their DNS names.D.    Ping local devices using their IP addresses. Answer: D

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QUESTION 1When developing a Web site, which of the following actions would be considered unethical? A.    Borrowing music from another site with the owner’s written permissionB.    Creating new code that provides a look and feel similar to another siteC.    Linking your site to another site with permissionD.    Copying some code …

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QUESTION 1You opened an e-mail attachment and it launches a virus. The virus takes control of your system and you are unable to run your anti-virus software. Which of the following is the best step for you to take next? A.    Let the virus run its course.B.    Call your local …