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QUESTION 1What is the result of the following command (the database username is foo and password is bar)?$ sqoop list-tables – – connect jdbc : mysql : / / localhost/databasename – – table – – username foo – – password bar A.    sqoop lists only those tables in the specified …

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QUESTION 1You are configuring your cluster to run HDFS and MapReduce v2 (MRv2) on YARN. Which daemons need to be installed on your clusters master nodes? A.    ResourceManagerB.    DataNodeC.    NameNodeD.    JobTrackerE.    TaskTrackerF.    HMaster Answer: ADE

Cloudera Exam

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QUESTION 1 You need to analyze 60,000,000 images stored in JPEG format, each of which is approximately 25 KB. Because you Hadoop cluster isn’t optimized for storing and processing many small files, you decide to do the following actions: 1. Group the individual images into a set of larger files …