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Exam Code: 200-310
Exam Name: CCDA – Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions
Certification Provider: Cisco

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Which statement correctly describes queuing in environments supporting teleworkers?

A.    CQ is for time-sensitive protocols.
B.    Queuing occurs on the outbound interface.
C.    Priority queuing guarantees some level of service to all traffic.
D.    Hardware queues are configured for appropriate PQ, CQ, or WFQ.
E.    WFQ is the Cisco IOS default on all WAN links regardless of speed.

Answer: B

Which first-hop redundancy protocol dynamically distributes traffic across multiple gateways?

A.    HSRP
B.    GLBP
C.    VRRP
D.    IBGP

Answer: B

A network engineer must collect application-level information passing through a router. What two tools can provide this information? (Choose two.)

A.    NBAR
B.    CiscoWorks
C.    SNMP collector
D.    NetFlow collector
E.    Syslog

Answer: AD

What information should be utilized to identify network applications that are running on an existing network infrastructure?

A.    customer information
B.    existing documentation
C.    traffic analysis
D.    external feedback
E.    user feedback

Answer: C

A design engineer must send management information messages across the public internet. What solution provides a secure and encrypted method for passing these messages?

A.    SNMP v3
B.    NetFlow v9
C.    Syslog Traps
D.    Secure Shell v2
E.    SNMP v2

Answer: A

A network engineer is designing a solution that will monitor IP traffic through corporate routers with the ability to export the flows to a collection engine without using network probes. What technology meets this requirement?

A.    RMON
B.    NetFlow
C.    SNMP
D.    Syslog
E.    IP SLA

Answer: B

A network engineer is following the Cisco enterprise architecture model. Where are aggregation switches found?

A.    Enterprise Campus
B.    Enterprise Edge
C.    SP Edge WAN
D.    Remote Module

Answer: A

What two configurations are Cisco recommended best practices for user access interfaces? (Choose two.)

A.    VTP transparent mode
B.    BPDUguard
C.    Root Guard
D.    Portfast
E.    Trunk mode

Answer: BD

What Cisco product is designed to improve the performance of Windows file and exchange services in remote data centers?

A.    Application Control Engine
B.    Wide Area Application Services
C.    Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller
D.    Cisco Prime Network Services Controller

Answer: B

What design feature should be considered when accessing resources from a remote data center over a WAN connection?

A.    security
B.    bandwidth
C.    reliability
D.    management

Answer: B

What two addresses are defined under RFC 1918? (Choose two.)


Answer: BD

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