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What makes it possible to measure advance progress during Business Transformation?

A.    KPI’s
B.    TCO
C.    ROI
D.    ROCE
E.    WACC

Answer: A

Which two options are direct financial benefits of the business outcomes sales-based approach? (Choose two.)

A.    Reduced CAPEX and OPEX.
B.    Reduced CAPEX and increased OPEX.
C.    Increased NPV.
D.    Improved customer satisfaction.
E.    Enabled innovation and productivity

Answer: AC

Which two options demonstrate how business outcomes should be outlined? (Choose two.)

A.    Increase sales in 10% during the next fiscal year.
B.    Shorten delivery times from 20 to 12 days for the next project.
C.    Become the number one provider in the market.
D.    Reduce the electronic waste of materials.
E.    Reduce operating costs.

Answer: AB

How does IT contribute to facilitate the creation of a business strategy?

A.    By developing applications that represent a broad competitive advantage.
B.    With solutions that have unique functionality, focused in every area of the business.
C.    contracting services that help reduce costs and optimize the budget.
D.    using robust technology solutions throughout the organization.

Answer: D

What relationship helps achieve a bigger impact to obtain business value?

B.    CEO /CIO

Answer: C

What tool can be used to determine the LoBs that add value to the customer’s business?

A.    Porter’s House of Value.
B.    Stakeholder Power Grid.
C.    PEST analysis.
D.    Business Capability Model.

Answer: A

Which options are three characteristics of the new billing and licensing models for IT products, solutions or services? (Choose three.)

A.    Provides fixed rates.
B.    Influences the value IT brings to the business.
C.    Drives long term business outcomes.
D.    Allows the IT department to focus on the core business.
E.    Allows the customer to pay Cisco instead of the Partner.

Answer: BCD

Which two options are benefits of implementing IT as a Service? (Choose two.)

A.    Shift from CAPEX to OPEX.
B.    Shift from OPEX to CAPEX.
C.    Does not require technical support.
D.    Increases device dependency.
E.    Provides predictable expenses.

Answer: AE

Which two options are characteristics you will find on a roadmap of business-aligned IT initiatives? (Choose two.)

A.    Must contain the details of the sales proposal.
B.    Must target the right approach.
C.    Must involve the appropriate group intelligence and profile a specific level of detail.
D.    Must include network diagrams of all the solutions involved.

Answer: BC

Which three benefits will partners see when creating a roadmap that aligns IT initiatives to the customer’s business? (Choose three.)

A.    Clear view of investments.
B.    Revenue growth.
C.    Technology adoption.
D.    Competitive advantage.
E.    Increased profitability.

Answer: BCE


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