This page was exported from Free Download Latest Braindump2go Microsoft Exam Dumps [ ] Export date:Wed Aug 21 22:57:45 2019 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: Official 2014 Free Microsoft 70-332 Questions Sharing(51-60)! --------------------------------------------------- QUESTION 51Hotspot QuestionYou are configuring SharePoint social features. You need to ensure that users can configure the SharePoint social features settings from their own profiles. On which page should you configure the settings? (To answer, select the appropriate link in the answer area.) Answer: Explanation:Note:* You can use Windows PowerShell to back up the farm manually or as part of a script that can be run at scheduled intervals.* The Backup-SPFarm cmdlet creates a backup for the entire farm or individual components within the farm. It can also be used to back up just the configuration settings of a farm to be used as a farm template for other SharePoint farms.Syntax:Backup-SPFarm -BackupMethod <String> -Directory <String> [-AssignmentCollection <SPAssignmentCollection>] [-BackupThreads <Int32>] [-ConfigurationOnly <SwitchParameter>] [- Confirm [<SwitchParameter>]] [-Force <SwitchParameter>] [-Item <String>] [-Percentage <Int32>] [-WhatIf [<SwitchParameter>]]* Here we need a full backup, since the farm has not been backed up earlier.* Item Parameter Indicates the part of the farm to back up.Here we should use FarmShared Services QUESTION 52Drag and Drop QuestionYou are planning to install an instance of Microsoft SQL Server for a SharePoint 2013 farm.You have the following requirements:•    Ensure that databases can be redirected to other servers.•    Minimize potential security threats.You need to install and configure the instance. Which three actions should you perform in sequence? (To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.) Answer: Explanation:Box 1: Create a named instance of SQL Server.Box 2: Configure the instance to use a custom port.Box 3: Create a SQL Server alias and configure the farm to use the alias.Note:* To harden the security for SQL server it is highly recommend to install SQL Server with named instance with custom port and block all default SQL specific ports.* After the installation of SQL Server with named instance, we have to assign a custom static port number for the SQL Service.* After the SQL installation we go to the SharePoint side.We have to configure the SQL Client Alias.Reference: Install & Configure SharePoint 2013 with SQL Client Alias QUESTION 53Hotspot QuestionAn organization has two SharePoint farms named FarmA and FarmB. You need to grant a service account full control of the Managed Metadata service on Farm A. In Central Administration, which command should you select to complete the configuration? (To answer, select the appropriate command in the answer area.) Answer: Explanation:Note:Example:Event ID: 8077Message "There are no instances of Managed Web Service is started on any server in the farm. Ensure that at least one instance is started on an application server in the farm using the Services on Server Page in Central Administration."Solution:Your SharePoint Admin Account or System Account that you are using to browse the Central Administration does not has access to service Application so Go to Manage Service Applications PageSelect Managed Metadata Service Application Row From Ribbon Click PermissionsNow Add your Admin account contosoSP_Admin in my case. Click Add and give him all 3 permissions and click OK.Reference: Setting Up Managed Metadata Service Application SharePoint 2013QUESTION 54You are configuring SharePoint 2013 to support business intelligence. You need to install PowerPivot for SharePoint. What should you do? A.    Run the SQL Server 2012 setup package.B.    Download and install PowerPivot for SharePoint from the PowerPivot SQL Server 2012 SP1 Feature Pack webpage.C.    Run the SQL Server 2008 setup package.D.    Run the SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1 setup package. Answer: D QUESTION 55You are configuring a SharePoint farm. You have the following requirements:Implement an enterprise resource pool.Enable tasks to be assigned to users.Implement a resource breakdown structure.You need to implement a solution that meets the requirements.What should you do? A.    Create a SharePoint task list.B.    Integrate Microsoft Project Server with SharePoint.C.    Create a SharePoint team site.D.    Create a collaboration portal. Answer: A QUESTION 56You are moving a customized SharePoint site collection to a new farm. You attach and mount the source content database in the destination farm. You need to ensure that all customizations from the source farm are available in the destination farm. What should you do? A.    Copy all search indexes from the source farm to the destination farm.B.    Configure alternate access mappings on the source server.C.    Copy all custom master pages from the source site collection to the Style Library in the destination site collection.D.    Copy all custom site definitions from the file system of the source farm to the destination farm. Answer: DExplanation:Note:* SharePoint Server 2013 customers can create their own site definitions that customize and extend standard SharePoint site templates.* To create a custom site definition with one or more custom site definition configurations on frontend servers, you must create a copy of an existing site definition directory.* For backup/restore and migration operations, you must restore your site to a server that has the same front-end customizations as the server from which you backed up or migrated. Reference: Guidelines for Using Custom Site Definitions, Configurations, and Templates QUESTION 57Hotspot QuestionA company upgrades a SharePoint environment from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013. The Site Feeds feature is not available on the upgraded sites. You need to activate Site Feeds. What should you do? (To answer, select the appropriate options from the drop-down lists in the answer area.) Answer: QUESTION 58Drag and Drop QuestionA site collection includes a subsite that has the following characteristics:The subsite does not appear in the navigation structure for the site collection. It does not appear in the end user recycle bin or the site collection recycle bin.It was last accessed two months ago.You need to restore the subsite without overwriting any other content in the site collection. Which five actions should you perform in sequence? (To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.) Answer: Explanation:Note:*(box 4) Export-SPWeb Exports a site, list, or library. The Export-SPWeb cmdlet exports a site, list, or library. The capability to export from a library is a new feature in SharePoint 2013.* (box 5) Import-SPWeb Imports a web, list, or library. The Import-SPWeb cmdlet imports a web, list, or library. The capability to import from a library is a new feature in SharePoint 2010 Products. QUESTION 59Hotspot QuestionYou are a SharePoint administrator at Litware, Inc. A Business Data Connectivity service application has recently been deployed.Users report that they cannot create external lists that contain the external content types, and they receive the following error message when they try to open existing external lists: "Access Denied by Business Data Connectivity".You need to configure the minimum permissions required so that users can create external lists and read data in external lists.On the Set Object Permissions page, which permissions should you select? (To answer, select the appropriate permissions in the answer area.) Answer: QUESTION 60A company uses SharePoint Online. The company has implemented eDiscovery. You create a security group named eDiscovery. You need to ensure that users in the eDiscovery group can view all discoverable content. What should you do? A.    Add the eDiscovery group as site collection administrators for every site collection that contains discoverable content.B Grant Full Control permissions to eDiscovery administrators.B.    Grant the eDiscovery group access to content in all web applications by using a web application user policy.C.    Configure the eDiscovery center to use forms-based authentication. 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