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Which XML tag is used to make use of protected features of the device?

A.    <uses sdk>
B.    <uses-permission>
C.    <application>
D.    <permission>

Answer: B

Application can send permissions programmatically.

A.    Depends on developer
B.    Yes but not all times
C.    No
D.    Yes

Answer: D

Which of the following is the only Android application component which interacts with user?

A.    Activity
B.    Service
C.    Content Provider
D.    broadcast Receivers

Answer: A

When are permissions enforced in Activities?

A.    When they launched by Context.startActivity() or Context.startActivityFor Result().
B.    When method Context.enforcepermission() is called.
C.    When method Context.stopActivity() is called.
D.    When Context.checkPermission() is called.

Answer: A

Service is an Android component which runs in the background to perform background task.

A.    True .
B.    False.
C.    Depends on the situation.
D.    Services is not an Android component.

Answer: A

Which of the following is correct about Content providers in Android?

A.    They are used to share data between devices
B.    They are used to share data between applications
C.    They are used to share data between applications signed with same certificate
D.    Data read by content providers are deleted when application closes.

Answer: B

Android permissions can be extended by

A.    Using keyword “extends”.
B.    Creating custom permissions in manifest file.
C.    Permissions cannot be extended.
D.    None are correct.

Answer: B

Permission group is a concept of creating:

A.    A group of similar permission
B.    A group of all permissions in an Application
C.    A group of all components in an Application
D.    A group of all permissions irrespective of application

Answer: A

Normal permissions can be converted into namespace using?

A.    Permission group
B.    Permission tree
C.    Permission
D.    Import statements

Answer: B

What is the reason for using Permissions in application development?

A.    To protect data and code
B.    To create patent
C.    To make it work better
D.    Application cannot be created without permissions

Answer: A

Which of the listed below is a component level permission?

A.    Activity
B.    Permission group
C.    Permission tree
D.    None are correct

Answer: A

What happens if the permission is not used in an application?

A.    The application cannot be build
B.    The application will return runtime error
C.    The application cannot access system resources
D.    The application force closes

Answer: C

Level three permissions or signature and system permission are used to?

A.    Integrate system builds
B.    Access system resources
C.    Access dangerous permissions
D.    Integrate resources in the application

Answer: A

Which of the following is protected by component level permissions? (Choose two)

A.    Application
B.    Components
C.    Application & Components
D.    None are correct

Answer: C

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